About the challenge

KL Mini Hack is a small-scale hackathon aimed at encouraging people who want to step into the web3 space to participate and have a hands-on experience by building and networking via our online and offline talks. It will be a week-long hackathon with online and offline workshop sessions throughout the week. Hackers will start hacking online, and will gather physically for the final judging day.

Hacking Begins: February 11th (online)

Submissions due: February 18th (IRL)

Hackathon team size: 1-5 members

Recommended topics: Zero-knowledge, L2s, DeFi, Account Abstraction

IRL Dates: February 17-18th

IRL Location: APU , Asia Pacific University, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

Telegram Invite Link : https://t.me/+pVL7dpj0_B8yZjc6


Please note that in order to qualify for submission, at least one of your team members have to pitch the project IRL

Key dates:

February 11th
8pm: Online Hackathon opening speech

IRL Agenda

Short mentoring session for 1 hour (location TBA on telegram)

Last minute hackathon briefing

Regenerative finance and how not to use crypto - Selim, CypherX

11.30am - 12.30pm:
Introduction to Etherscan's API - Nick, Etherscan

12.30pm - 2pm:

Intro to CertiK - John, CertiK

Hands on Cairo - CheeChyuan, Nethermind

Free time for hacking


8pm -10pm:
Free time for hacking until deadline

Around 10.30pm - 12am:
Order of presentation announced

Venues for all talks and workshops:
Block B, Level 4, Room 5

Venues for hacking and coworking:
Block B, Level 5, Friendzone Area

Venues for breakfast, lunch and dinner:
Level 3, Atrium


All detailed images will be uploaded and pinned to the KL Mini Hack Telegram group


February 18th

8am: Hackers arrive at venue

9am: Breakfast

10am-12pm: Hacking time

12pm-230pm: Project Judging

12.00 PM: Lunch (for 50 pax on first-come-first-serve basis)

1.30 PM: Monthly roundup

1.45 PM: Panel discussion on building the local ecosystem with Ethereum Foundation & Etherscan

2.30 PM: Closing thoughts & Hack Winner Announcement


Auditorium 3 (Located at Block A, Level 3)

(Note: Due to unexpected turnout, we may not be able to cater food for all participants, food is served strictly on first come first serve basis)



What to Build

Projects that utilizes web3 technologies, working product is encouraged 

Recommended Topics

We highly recommend teams build projects related to either one of these:
1. Zero-knowledge
2. Account abstraction
3. DeFi
4. L2s

Related Topics

Intro to web3, Your first solidity contract, Web3 Ecosystems, Scaling Ethereum via L2, Intro to Scroll, Intro to Starknet, Writing your first Cairo code, Sharing experience from past hackathon participants, Introduction to hackathon, Build web3 frontend with React

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,750 in prizes
Cryptocurrency logo Prizes paid in cryptocurrency

Winner Pool
Cryptocurrency logo

Winner Pool
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Winner Pool
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Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:



Selim Erunkut

Selim Erunkut

Harith Kamarul

Harith Kamarul

Judging Criteria

  • Rules
    Your hack must be related to cryptocurrency technologies. You cannot steal another team's source code The decision of judges is final for determining prizes and awards Please comply with all instructions from CNY Hackathon Kuala Lumpur organizers

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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